Heat stroke warning for elderly

IN an early sign of hot times ahead this summer paramedics rushed to the home of an elderly person on Saturday who was suffering from heat stroke.

Paramedic Ian Spurway said the person was transported to hospital where the patient was  put on an IV drip

“People are not getting enough circulation in the room and not keeping up fluids,” he said.

Mr Spurway said heat stoke can be life-threatening and people should take care in the coming warm summer weather.

“If you’re really dehydrated and you are over heating you can go into heat stroke,” he said.

Mr Spurway said symptoms include headaches, blurry vision and nausea.

“You lose electrolytes and your heart can start to palpitate,” he said.

“To go from heat stress to heat stroke can happen quickly.”

The elderly are at particular risk from heat related illness, Mr Spurway said.

“The elderly can’t regulate their heat as well and they tend to drink more tea and coffee which is a diuretic,” he said.

“Elderly people tend to be a bit dehydrated anyway and heat like this can put them over.”

Mr Spurway said water is the best things to replace lost fluids.

He recommended an intake of two litres for an adult and more during hotter weather.

Mr Spurway said it was vital to look our for your signs of heat illness in your friends and family this summer.

“If people are complaining of headaches and nausea seek medical attention or call triple-0.”



LONG HOT SUMMER: Elderly people should take care in the summer weather.

LONG HOT SUMMER: Elderly people should take care in the summer weather.


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