Pipeline objectivity refreshing

I READ with interest the recent opinion of Bathurst Regional Council general manager David Sherley about the proposed Macquarie River pipeline.

I thought Mr Sherley’s comments that Bathurst Regional Council understood the proposed pipeline would have no impact on Ben Chifley Dam brought much-needed objectivity to the debate.

There's still far too much parochialism washing through the pipeline commentary and it isn't being helped by arguments that Orange is trying to pinch another city's water, or that Orange will grow at the expense of its neighbours. I shake my head when I hear this sort of thing.

One argument even opposes the Macquarie River pipeline partly because Bathurst may wish to build its own pipeline. That one seems to take pipeline possession to new heights and I'm not sure that it even passes the smile test! 

Let's move beyond all of that. The central west is at its best when we all work together.

The fact that Mr Sherley has had the courage to state a position that others in his neck of the woods may not agree with I think shows a commendable fairness. His objectivity is refreshing.

Online shopping security 

AS we head into the Christmas shopping period, it is a good time to remind consumers of some of the important tips when shopping online.

Every year Australians are spending more than $11 billion shopping online and it is important to do your homework on the online retailer.

Be careful when purchasing from an overseas website as protection provided under Australian Consumer Law may not apply and getting a refund or replacement if the goods are faulty or not what you paid for can be difficult.

If you buy from an Australian website you have the same consumer rights and protections as if you had walked into a store.

A few simple tips:

Always read the sellers and returns policies.

Check the delivery terms and conditions before you buy so you know who is responsible if goods are not delivered or are damaged in transit.

Make sure you know the expected delivery time and contact the seller immediately if your goods have not arrived or they are damaged.

Ensure the website you are dealing with has a secure payment system.

If you cannot resolve a dispute promptly with the seller, contact your card or payment service provider and ask about a chargeback or refund.

I hope consumers in the Orange electorate take the necessary steps to ensure their 2012 Christmas shopping is free from any problems.


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