Waiving parking fees the wrong angle 

IN the story “Parking waiver too late for gym owner” (Central Western Daily,  Thursday, November 8) Nicole Kuter says councillors hailed the move to waive parking contributions for changing the use of a premises as a win for small businesses.

Will not the waiver also apply to medium, large and extra large businesses?

Councillor Scott Munro stated: “It gives small business people a bit of a hand especially if someone wants to be an investor.”

Is the “bit of a hand” for the investors to come out of the pockets of ratepayers ?

The owner of Curves Gym Mr Whiteley stated that it is fairer for the ratepayers to pay for parking.

Why, Mr Whiteley?  The fee you paid and the fee Mr Rossi should pay is for the extra parking spaces needed and is offset by the provision of future spaces to replace the ones customers now use because of the change of business.

Mr Basha on behalf of Mr Rossi stated that “as the average payment per year is only $76,000 his requested fee of $88,533 was too high”.

What has averages got do with the fee?  It is based on each individual case and averages for the last 10 years have absolutely nothing to do with the calculation.

According to the article, change of use parking contributions make up about 32 per cent of new parking costs which is now to be paid by ratepayers. Or rather some other need will have to be cut back.

Unfortunately, mayor Davis had to leave the meeting because of a conflict of interest but not before he was able to ask a  pertinent question: “Who is going to pay for the car parking in general?  Will it come back to the community at large?”  

Bad luck the mayor had to leave as he has a way with words.

There is no doubt parking is a real problem for Orange both now and in the future. Council, by waiving these costs for “change of business”, has made the problem just a little more difficult as regards obtaining the necessary funds.

 Robert Meers, 



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