FORAGE finds a FOOD Week following

THREE hundred people ambled over hill and through vineyards today in search of their supper as part of a new Orange F.O.O.D Week event, FORAGE.

Tickets to this new event sold out in two days, and according one of the event organisers, James Sweetapple from Cargo Road Wines, there were 300 people on the waiting list.

But those lucky people with tickets enjoyed a gentle 3.5 kilometre walk with a staggered six-course lunch and matching wines.

“Today was an overwhelming success,” Mr Sweetapple said. “We had 350 people raving about the event and wanting to come again.

“They loved walking through vineyards, they loved the view, and the weather was perfect.

“I served 350 coffees [at the last station], and got 350 ‘wow, that was great’.”

Participants made their way to the six stations in groups of about 50, and everyone made it to the end of the walk well watered and well fed.

“People spent about half an hour or so at each station, having a drink and chat and a look at the view,” Mr Sweetapple said.

“Not one person found it too challenging.”

While this year’s foragers had a relaxing wander among the vines, the organisers were kept on their toes according to Mr Sweetapple.

“Behind the scenes there was a huge amount of work, we desperately need more helpers.

“We need more producers to get in behind it and love it. We would love to build this to 1000 participants.

“We want to have [FORAGE] the month before and launch the F.O.O.D Week program.”

For full details of Orange F.O.O.D Week events check the program here.

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