Military links in play

WHEN a ceremony is held in Malaya next month to remember soldiers massacred at Parit Sulong in World War II it will have special links to Orange.

Soldiers from the 1/19th Batallion based at Romani Barracks who are now in Malaya will travel from nearby Butterworth base to Parit Sulong.

At the site of the massacre Lieutenant Sean Lawler will play the last post on a cornet recently handed to the battalion for safe-keeping by Changi survivor Keith Harris.

Mr Harris, who worked on the Burma Railway, was a member of the 2/19th Batallion and was captured at the fall of Singapore.

Mr Harris was custodian of the cornet, as one of only a handful of Changi survivors.

Last year he handed the corner to Lieutenant Colonel Peter Morrissey of the 1/29th Batallion and it has become part of the colour party of the batallion and is played at military ceremonies.

It was used by forces on the Burma Railway and scratched into the cornet are the names of some of the soldiers who died on the railway.

When the cornet was handed to the 1/19th Batallion it still had bullet casings used to replace a broken mouthpiece.

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