Steer clear or duck and run? Where the magpies are swooping in Orange | Map

MAGPIE swooping season is in full swing and the Central Western Daily wants to help protect the city’s pedestrians and cyclists.

Magpies are a protected species and, as most us know, they aren’t scared about warding off people they believe are encroaching on their territory.

We asked you to let us know where the swoopings were occurring, and this map is the result:

Pedestrians are advised to avoid walking in areas where magpies are swooping, but if an alternate route is unavailable it is recommended a hat be worn or an open umbrella be carried as protection.

If you know of an area where the birds are attacking we’d love to add it to the map.

Just let us know where it is in the comments section of this story and we’ll add it to the map.

VIDEO: What a magpie swoop attack looks like first hand ...