Controversy reigns in big bout, Tracey dishes it up against Kirk

GONE: Steve Kirk proved no match for squash phenom Yvonne Tracey.
GONE: Steve Kirk proved no match for squash phenom Yvonne Tracey.

Just like the NRL, there were plenty of contentious calls during the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.

Team 1 Hausler beat Team 6 Garton with wins for Robyn Chapman, Ian Middleton, Craig Hausler and Nathan Garton while Mark Goes played very well after having two months off recovering from a bout of pneumonia.

Team 2 Ryan beat Team 5 Rosewarne with wins for Sonya Fitzgerald, Jodie Wheatley, Robert Ryan, Scott Burke and the unpopular pest Grant Michell while Ben Reid started celebrating by smoking cigars after getting to a two game lead but Anthony Rosewarne was not having any of it and stormed home to win in five.

Team 4 Tracey beat Team 3 Grant with wins for Charles D’Aquino, Chris Grant, Tony Elliot, Pat Clarkstone and Yvonne Tracey while the sneaky Peter Brearley upset Belinda Thurtell leaving her speechless for the first time in quite a while.


Team 1 (6pts) def Team 6 (1pt):

George Eleftheriou def Mark Goes 3-1; Nathan Garton def Chris Elkington 3-1; Ian Middleton def Lisa Doherty 3-0; Craig Hausler def Steve Blackwood 3-0; Robyn Chapman def Albert Cavalli 3-0.

Team 2 (5pts) def Team 5 (3pts):

Grant Michell def Rod Bevan 3-0; Anthony Rosewarne def Ben Reid 3-2; Scott Burke def Tom Secheny 3-0; Robert Ryan def Tom Riley 3-1; Jodie Wheatley def Trent Chapman 3-0; Sonya Fitzgerald def Jacob Wooding 3-0.

Team 4 (6pts) def Team 3 (2pts):

Charles D’Aquino def Chris Dwyer 3-0; Peter Brearley def Belinda Thurtell 3-1; Chris Grant def Graham Kidson 3-1; Tony Elliot def Kym Knight 3-0; Pat Clarkstone def Jasper Matters 3-0; Yvonne Tracey def Steve Kirk 3-0.