Blackwood shows form while Secheny proves Hungary for victory

SPEED ON SHOW: Toby Baker (right) beat out hypochondriac Grant Michell (left) on Wednesday night.
SPEED ON SHOW: Toby Baker (right) beat out hypochondriac Grant Michell (left) on Wednesday night.

There was a rumour floating around that Usain Bolt retired after watching the speed of the players in the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.

Team 3 Blackwood are joint minor premiers after easily disposing of Team 6 Doherty, with wins for Charles Daquino, Nathan Garton, Tony Elliot and Lisa Doherty while Steve Blackwood sent out an ominous warning to his semi-final opponent by playing some blistering shots during his 3-0 victory.

Team 1 Locke will be their opponents after beating Team 5 Matters with wins for Chris Elkington, George Eleftheriou, Jasper Matters, Charlie Locke and Tom Riley.

Team 4 Hausler finished the season on a high beating Team 2 Burke with wins for Steve Kirk, Craig Hausler, Scott Burke and Toby Baker beat poor Grant Michell, who was suffering from a bad case of hypochondria.

Belinda Thurtell was left a despondent figure after leading the Hungarian heartthrob Tom Secheny 2-1, but losing in five.


Team 1 (5 pts) def Team Team 5 (2 pts): George Eleftheriou def Rod Bevan 3-1, Chris Elkington def Darren Wooding 3-1, Charlie Locke def Leigh Miller 3-1, Tom Riley def Robyn Chapman 3-2, Jasper Matters def Sonya Fitzgerald 3-1

Team 4 (5 pts) def Team 2 (2 pts): Toby Baker def Grant Michell 3-0, Tom Secheny def Belinda Thurtell 3-2, Scott Burke def Ian Middleton 3-1, Craig Hausler def Yvonne Tracey 3-0, Steve Kirk def Narelle Fowler 3-0

Team 3 (6 pts) def Team 6 (1 pt): Charles Daquino def Scott Baker 3-0, Nathan Garton def Peter Brearley 3-0, Tony Elliot def Chris Grant 3-0, Lisa Doherty def Kym Knight 3-0, Steve Blackwood def Jacob Wooding 3-0