Council to review wood-chip storage following Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre fire

How wood-chips are stockpiled at the Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre will be reviewed following a fire on Monday.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers from North West, Springside, Clifton Grove and Orange brigades were called at 7.40am.

“It was a case of spontaneous combustion in a large pile of timber wood-chips,” council spokesman Nick Redmond said.

“Council staff brought in heavy duty earth-moving machinery to the wood-chip pile to expose the area that had started to burn and to separate it from other green timber waste,” Mr Redmond said.

RFS crews were supplied with water by a council water tanker.

Green waste including logs, large timber and branches are stockpiled and chipped before being transported.

“Once the wood is shredded, the biological process of the organic material breaking down starts to generate heat,” Mr Redmond said.

He said during the review a wood-chips would be stored in smaller piles to prevent fires.

Firefighters declared the area safe and left the area at 12.40pm on Monday.