A bumper edition of team lists with Western Rams divisional trials at Parkes

Rep footy has arrived!

Group 10 clash with Group 11 in the first under 23s divisional trial in the region, a move brought on by Country Rugby League’s decision to change its rep football structure for 2017 onwards.

The Western trials will be at Parkes on Saturday, meaning a massive round of Group 10 footy is split between Friday night and Sunday.

Here’s how all the teams line-up:

WESTERN TRIALS at Parkes’ Jock Colley Field:

Saturday, April 22:

GROUP 10 rep sides:

UNDER 23s: 1 Keelan Bresac (Lithgow Workies), 2 Jye Barrow (Bathurst Panthers), 3 Blake Lawson (Bathurst Panthers), 4 Jackson Brien (Oberon), 5 Nathan Orr (Mudgee), 6 Rick Nobes (Cowra), 7 Matt Ranse (St Pat’s), 8 Cam Jones (Orange CYMS), 9 Nick Loader (Bathurst Panthers), 10 Jarrod Seager (Bathurst Panthers), 11 Mitch Case (Lithgow Workies), 12 Raki Tukeke (Blayney), 13 Jake Betts (Bathurst Panthers); Bench: 14 Mitch Squires (St Pat’s), 15 Lochie Hobby (Blayney), 16 Michael Ingwersen (Oberon), 17 Jed Betts (Bathurst Panthers).

COACH: Graeme Osborne.

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UNDER 18s: 1 Mitch Leonard (Orange CYMS), 2 Lincoln Monk (Orange CYMS), 3 Ty Simmons (Oberon), 4 Ethan Kennedy (Orange CYMS), 5 Michael Latu (Bathurst Panthers), 6 Nick Tilburg (Bathurst Panthers), 7 Josh Board (Orange CYMS), 8 Luke Bain (Bathurst St Pat’s), 9 Blake Ryan (Oberon), 10 Will Cusack (Orange CYMS), 11 Tyrone Harrison (Orange CYMS), 12 Zac Cook (Orange Hawks), 13 Elijah Smyth (Orange Hawks); Bench: 14 Tom Burke (Mudgee), 15 Nathan Swain (Orange CYMS), 16 Talon Hodge (Orange Hawks), 17 Blaik O’Neil (Orange Hawks), 18 Jarrod Cooper (Mudgee), 19 Kurt Johnston (Cowra).

LEAGUE TAG: Holly Uhr, Grace Mooney, Clair Woolmington, Michelle Somers, Monique Christie Johnson, Darcy Morrison, Amy Hotham, Jess Hotham, Chrissie West, Ella Harris, Melissa Knight, Bec Ford, Erin Naden, Emily Melnik, Teiya Thornberry.

COACH: Brenden Tidswell.

GROUP 11 rep sides:

UNDER 23s: 1 Sam Dwyer (Parkes), 2 Hayden Howell (Dubbo CYMS), 3 Jarrad Tyack (Forbes), 4 Jesse Wighton (Forbes), 5 Pat Murphy (Forbes), 6 Alex Bonham (Dubbo CYMS), 7 Chad Porter (Parkes), 8 Lee Price (Dubbo CYMS), 9 Hamish Astill (Dubbo CYMS), 10 Lincoln Kavanagh (Dubbo CYMS), 11 Ben Maguire (Forbes), 12 Luke Gale (Macquarie), 13 Fletcher Strong (Parkes); 14 Clayton Couley (Nyngan), 15 Wade Kavanagh (Dubbo CYMS), 16 John Ciappara (Macquarie), 17 Mitch Bourke (Forbes).

COACH: Col Wright.

LEAGUE TAG: 1 Lillyann Mason (Forbes), 2 Alana Ryan (Nyngan), 3 Maddison Chapman, 4 Majayda Darcy (Dubbo CYMS), 5 Jacana Powell (Narromine), 6 Rikka Lamb (Dubbo CYMS), 7 Tyanna Goolagon (Parkes), 8 Demi Winter (Parkes), 9 Demi Wilson (Dubbo CYMS), 10 Tiffney Stanley (Westside), 11 Tish Boney (Westside), 12 Dee Smith (Macquarie), 13 Claire Barber (Parkes); 14 Sally Dwyer (Forbes), 15 Tarlee Roberts (Westside), 16 April Townsend (Forbes).

COACH: Joe Spicer.

UNDER 18S: 1 Charlie Staines (Forbes), 2 Farren Lamb (Forbes), 3 Jed Herbert (Forbes), 4 Ben Davis (Parkes), 5 Jacob Smede (Parkes), 6 Matt Burton (Dubbo CYMS), 7 Baiden Searle (Dubbo CYMS), 8 Blake Frost (Macquarie), 9 Jayden Burke (Forbes), 10 Baine Gordon (Macquarie), 11 Matt Duffield (Wellington), 12 Kaiden Hopkins (Westside), 13 Bailey Jones (Parkes); 14 Kane McDermott (Macquarie), 15 Jai Merritt (Macquarie), 16 Caleb Murray (Westside), 17 Brendan Shillingsworth (Westside).

COACH: Bryon Warren.



UNDER 23s: Josh Nixon; Tom Reddish (Gulgong); Braden Carney; Damon Nixon; George Alchin; Jake Fernando; Kyle Alexander (Gulgong); Blake Gorrie (Gulgong); Luke Michaels; Daniel Pracy; Warwick McMaster; RJ Merrit; Joel Davis; Lewis Varty;  Anthony Capparonis (Coolah); Anthony Harris; Steve Hardy (Gulgong); Zac Gardiner (Coolah).

COACH: Brad James (Gulgong); manager: Wayne Thrift (Coolah).

LEAGUE TAG: 1 Zoe Harland (Cobar), 2, Jamie Roberts (Dunedoo), 3 Meg Harris (Coonabarabran), 4 Lauren Sullivan (Dunedoo), 5 Katina Darcy-Hutchinson (Warren), 6 Lisa Travis (c, Cobar), 7 Emma Gallagher (Dunedoo), 8 Teagan Caine (Baradine), 9 Sherryn Baird (Gilgandra), 10 Sheridan Lillyman (Coonamble), 11 Jenna Fullager (Cobar), 12 Chloe Pennel (Gulgong), 13 Mablea Fuller (Warren); Bench: 14 Hayley Watton (Coonabarabran), 20 Channy Burgess (Dunedoo).

COACH: Jessica Skinner (Warren)

UNDER 18s: Jack Isedale; Keenan Elwood; Jason Ballard (Gulgong); Jeff Flick; Tyler Bamblett; Adrian Brown; Brayden Burgess (Coolah); Brodie Parry ; Daniel Crane (Gulgong); Lennard Smith; Tristian Lamb; Tristain Sulter; Will Hawkins (Gulgong); Shaun Ramsey; Liam Peters; Blake Taufa (Dunedoo); Zac Smith; Brandon Worrell; Ray Simmons;

COACH: Steve Burgess (Coolah).


UNDER 23s: 1 Dan Harveyson (Grenfell Goannas), 2 Matt McLean (Cargo Blue Heelers), 3 Tyrell Charters (Condo Rams), 4 Bryce Park (Eugowra Eagles), 5 Cal Clyburn (Canowindra Tigers), 6 Jayden Brown (Canowindra Tigers), 7 Jyi Cohan (c, Peak Hhill Roosters), 8 Adam Richards (Condo Rams), 9 Torin Hando (Peak Hill Roosters), 10 Matt Clarke (Eugowra Eagles), 11 Harrison Gersbach (Manildra Rhinos), 12 Hayden Robinson (Trundle Roos), 13 Alex Wilson (Canowindra Tigers); Bench: 14 Josh Edwards (Grenfell Goannas), 15 Shaun Bateson (Peak Hill Roosters), 16 Nathan Whatman (Canowindra Tigers), 17 Codie Lang (Manildra Rhinos).

COACH: Dan Barcley.

ON THE RUN: Heidi Regan on the fly for the Blue Sheilas. Photo: NICK McGRATH

ON THE RUN: Heidi Regan on the fly for the Blue Sheilas. Photo: NICK McGRATH

LEAGUE TAG: 1 Heidi Regan (Manildra Rhinos), 2 Holly Bowerman (Grenfell Goannas), 3 Nickita Kirby (Condo Rammettes), 4 Alynta McKellar (Condo Rammettes), 5 Shae Mansfield (Manildra Rhinos), 6 Natasha Clemson (Condo Rammetts), 7 Alicia White (Grenfell Goannas), 8 Liana Jackson (Eugowra Eagles), 9 Amelia Davis (Eugowra Eagles), 10 Sam Laing (Cargo Blue Heelers), 11 Kimeaka Bermingham (Eugowra Eagles), 12 Taylah Woodhouse (Manildra Rhinos), 13 Erica Stevenson (Trundle Roos); Bench: 14 Tarlia Cotter (Grenfell Goannas), 15 Ellie Bryce (Manildra Rhinos), 16 Zoe Gavin (Grenfell Goannas), 17 Sarah Kelly (Condo Rammettes).

COACH:Col Tangye.

UNDER 18s: 1 Cody Ramsey (Manildra Rhinos), 2 Ned Hunter (Eugowra Eagles), 3 Cameron Charles (Condo Rams), 4 Jordan Kemper (Canowindra Tigers), 5 Blake Hanson (Eugowra Eagles), 6 David White (Condo Rams), 7 Brad Watt (Trundle Roos), 8 Isaac Whiley (Trundle Roos), 9 Liam Thorpe (Eugowra Eagles), 10 James Dalton (Manildra), 11 Jordan Packham (Manildra), 12 Angus Fisher (Canowindra), 13 Brock Campbell (c, Manildra); Bench: 14 Lachlan Sharpe (Manildra), 15 Dock Rix (Eugowra), 16 Blake Myers (Eugowra), 17 Brodie King (Condo), 18 Ash Frost, 19 Joe Besidic.

COACH:Mick Dumensy.


Friday, April 21:

BATHURST PANTHERS v BATHURST ST PAT’S at Carrington Park, Bathurst.

PANTHERS: 1 Jeremy Gordon, 2 Brayden Cassidy, 3 Blake Lawson, 4 Jye Barrow, 5 Kade Barrow, 6 Claude Gordon, 7 Doug Hewitt, 8 Brent Seager, 9 Nick Loader, 10 Simon Osborne, 11 Blake Seager, 12 Jack Siejka, 13 Jake Betts; Bench: 14 Jarrod Seager.

COACH: Todd Barrow.

ST PAT’S: 1 Shannon Peters, 2 Bailey Waldron, 3 Tyson Medlyn, 4 Chris Shephard, 5 Nathan Lawrence, 6 Mitch Squire, 7 Matt Ranse, 8 Greg Behan, 9 Hudson White, 10 Brady Cheshire, 11 Andy Adams, 12 Nick Millar, 13 McCoy White; Bench: 14 Daniel Bain, 15 Derryn Clayton, 16 Andrew Bain. 

COACH: Kurt Hancock/Brady Cheshire.

NOTE: Returning from an ankle injury, Blake Lawson adds further fire power out wide for a stacked Panthers team looking to bounce back from its round two loss to CYMS. Bathurst derbies are never as they seem, so don’t count St Pat’s out of this one.

REFEREE: Dale Harding.

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Sunday, April 23:


HAWKS: 1 Jedd Kennedy, 2 Jordan Baker, 3 Jack Aumuller, 4 Sione Tongia, 5 Caleb Lewis, 6 Willie Heta, 7 Callum Mokaraka, 8 Sia Namani, 9 Jake Blimka, 10 Sam Coyte, 11 Ethan McKellar, 12 Nathan Potts, 13 Brett Morgan; Bench: 14 Viani Falaniko, 15 C Robinson, 16 Arty Shead, 17 Glen Maxwell.

COACH: Willie Heta.

DRAGONS: 1 Jared Robinson, 2 Rota Setu, 3 Lee Hicks, 4 Nathan Orr, 5 Andrew Laurie, 6 Sam Wooden, 7 Tim Condon, 8 Nick Harvey, 9 Jack Beasley, 10 Andrew Warwicker, 11 Aidan Woods, 12 Joel Bodian, 13 Kurt Gudgeon.

COACH: Peter Hickman.

NOTE: No Afamasaga, no Smith, no Bryant, no Thompson … the reigning premiers travel to the scene of their 2016 triumph without a stack of their best players. Rota Setu returns for his first game though. Massive chance for Hawks to cause an upset.

REFEREE: Billy Greatbatch.

OBERON TIGERS v LITHGOW WORKIES at Oberon Sportsground, Oberon.

TIGERS: 1 Matt Ballinger, 2 Dan Qoriniasi, 3 Abel Lefaoseu, 4 Jackson Brien, 5 Blake Miller, 6 Luke Branighan, 7 Anton Wereta, 8 Ryan Verderlin, 9 Luke Carptener, 10 Dave Sellers, 11 Mike Ingwerson, 12 Trent Rose, 13 Blake Fitzpatrick; Bench: 14 Nathan Booth.

COACH: Luke Branighan.

WORKIES: 1 Keelan Bresac, 2 Ben Glasson, 3 Josh Jones, 4 Jai Straney, 5 Brent Brogan, 6 Jono Van Veen, 7 Harry Bender, 8 James Reinhardt, 9 Connor Legge, 10 Brendan West, 11 Corey Willmott, 12 Ben Picman, 13 Mitch Case; Bench: 14 Ryan Jervis, 15 Chris Rhodes, 16 Joey Noon.

COACH: Chris Rhodes.

NOTE: Huge task ahead for Workies. Oberon shifts Blake Fitzpatrick to lock, Matt Balinger retains fullback spot. Tigers looking for three in a row.

REFEREE: Kevin Burke.

BLAYNEY BEARS v COWRA MAGPIES at King George Oval, Blayney.

BEARS: 1 Alex Hanrahan, 2 Ryan Oborn, 3 Charlie Mortimer, 4 Josh Rainbow, 5 Zach Stammers, 6 Dylan Battersby, 7 Josh William, 8 Will Ingram, 9 Dean Evers, 10 Travis Winanara, 11 Lochie Hobby, 12 Ricky Scott, 13 Rakai Tuheke.

COACH: Will Ingram.

MAGPIES: 1 Cam Picker, 2 Nick Collett, 3 Caley Mok, 4 Zac Browne, 5 Ty Ashe, 6 Warren Williams, 7 Cameron Breust 8 Blake Duncombe, 9 Ric Nobes, 10 Blake Tidswell, 11 Mitch Browne, 12 Toby Nobes, 13 Jack Nobes; Bench: 14 Ronny Lawrence.

COACH: Rory Brien.

NOTE: It’s only round two, Blayney’s only played one game this season, but it’s fair to say both the Magpies and Bears are two desperate teams here. Bears welcome back Lochie Hobby in the backrow while the, the visitors, the inclusion of Ron Lawrence off the bench is a big one.

REFEREE: Bryce Hotham.

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