NSW Sheep Dog Workers Incorporated championship trials

SHEEP dog trialling is a sport on the rise, according to Molong Sheep Dog Workers Committee vice president Paul Glynn.

This was evident on the first day of the NSW Sheep Dog Workers championship trials, with visitors in attendance from across the state and the country.

Mr Glynn said while the sport was once the domain of country areas, the profile of the sport has grown.

“I’d say it’s a growing sport,” Mr Glynn said.

“It’s becoming very popular with Sydney people.

“[Previously] it was mostly country people working to see who had the best dog.”

Mr Glynn said the show was also well-supported by the Molong community.

“The community gets behind the show and brings a bit of money to Molong,” he said.

“Being on the highway, we also get a lot of tourists.”

There will be opportunities for beginner and novice dogs to gain experience as well as heats that focus solely on the handler.

Mr Glynn said competitors needed to build their knowledge.

“I believe you should have stock knowledge or some sort of livestock handling knowledge,” he said.

“You need to understand your dog and where to place the dog.”

Mr Glynn said there was also plenty of action for spectators.

“It’s dog and man trying to get three sheep through an obstacle course,” he said. “They’ve got 15 mins to complete the course.”

Secretary Janelle Fessey said the show was a good day out for handlers and spectators alike.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time [the experts] don’t have a problem helping you,” she said.

“It’s light-hearted entertainment, you can sit back and relax.”

The show will feature about 160 beginner dogs and about 160 novice dogs.

Trials will run throughout the week with beginners welcome to participate.

A dog auction will be held at 12pm on Saturday. 

All dogs entered in the auction are inspected by members of the NSW Sheep Dog Workers Incorporated Molong committee.

The event will be held at Dr Ross Memorial Recreation Ground, Mitchell Highway, Molong from 9am to 4pm until Saturday.

There will be canteen facilities run by volunteers on the day.

Details: www.nswsheepdogworkers.org.au