Logan wants better protection for kickers as Perri awaits scans on injury

PERRI OUT? Adam Perri is helped off the field in last Saturday's loss to City. 
Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0823sgrugby7
PERRI OUT? Adam Perri is helped off the field in last Saturday's loss to City. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0823sgrugby7

ORANGE Emus coach Andrew Logan has dished out a stinging attack on the lack of protection afforded to kickers in the Blowes Clothing Cup after gun five-eighth Adam Perri limped off Endeavour Oval following a late hit last Saturday.

Attempting a clearing kick, Perri attracted the attention of the ruthless Lions defence in last weekend’s 35-29 qualifying semi-final.

Clearly ambushed by the hit, Perri was assisted from the field by Emus officials.

The full extent of the injury will be revealed when scans are completed later this week, but Logan believes with a potential fracture to the fibula his key playmaker is “touch and go” at best to play any part in Sunday’s minor semi-final against the Bathurst Bulldogs.

And it’s left him fuming.

Believing the contact made on Perri to be late and dangerous, Logan has lambasted the decision of the officials not to at least penalise the incident.

“I just thought it’s up to the officials to protect the kicker,” Logan fired.

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“Our player was launching into a kick and if he’s unable to protect himself then he deserves the protection of the officials. 

“And no official deemed the incident to even warrant a penalty, which I find incredible.

“I’m disappointed in the lack of protection afforded to the players.”

The incident proved a huge turning point in the loss to cross-town rivals Orange City.

Perri was carried off in the 31st minute against the Lions, and just two minutes later Orange City breakaway Duncan Young crossed for the visitors, Mesui Lemoto converted to then gift his side an 18-17 lead.

“He’s healing quicker than we anticipated but we’re not sure until we see the scans,” Logan said of Perri.

“There’s a chance he could have a fractured fibula and if that’s the case he won’t play.

“It’s disappointing. He’s a huge part of our team and our incumbent 10, he’s been there all year and all of last year. He’s extremely skillful and now he’s been taken out.

“He’s extremely determined. It’s going to be hard to keep him off the field.”