Full of beans: coffee cup runneth over for growing cafe industry

IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL: Scrumptious On Summer cafe owner Suzy Glasby says she must constantly reinvent the cafe in order to stay on top of the competition.
Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0811sgcoffee

IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL: Scrumptious On Summer cafe owner Suzy Glasby says she must constantly reinvent the cafe in order to stay on top of the competition. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0811sgcoffee

ANOTHER two cafes are expected to open in Orange by October and the market saturation has cafe owners nervous. 

There are about 40 cafes in and around Orange. This does not include pubs or restaurants only open in the evening and does not include shops which serve coffee.

There are about 80 locations in and around the city where customers can purchase coffee. 

The two new cafes are expected to open in Lords Place and Sale Street. 

Scrumptious on Summer owner Suzy Glasby said she and her husband were planning on expanding into the shop behind her cafe, at the front of the Orange Arcade, but every time she heard of another cafe she second-guessed that decision.

“I don’t believe there is any room for more ... we’re trying to reinvent ourselves all the time,” she said.

Mrs Glasby believed the market had reached saturation point and the businesses that were successful would remain, but others may close in the near future.

“We did see this early on, when we first bought the cafe three years ago, a lot of cafes opened at the same time,” she said. 

“Others around us dropped off and closed up.”

Scrumptious recently extended its trading hours until 7pm in order to keep its grip on the market.

In the last few months one cafe opened a few shops down and another is expected to open half a block away.

Orange's coffee houses ...

Café Java, Bills Beans, Simply Nile, The Endsleigh, Factory Espresso, Mackies Cafe, Kate Jones @ one nineteen, 2 K's Café and Take Away, Scrumptious on Summer, Dotted Eight, Cheeky Barista, Coco's Café, The Mills, Byng Street Local Store, Bensons, Gloria Jeans, Venue, Café Neon, Slice of Orange, Anson Tea House, Union Bank, Michel's Patisserie, People, The Village Coffee Shop, Racine Bakery, The Agrestic Grocer, The Dragon Fly Lounge, The Green Apple Sandwich Bar, The Coffee Club, Slice of Orange, The Auxiliary Coffee Shop, Anything Grows, Miss Daisy's Teahouse, Food'n a Flash, Bissy's café, Café Latte, Delish, The Coronet Milkbar, Hawke's General Store, Red Chilli Deli

“If you run your business honestly ... offering a quality product with a very low margin, and our staff are paid above-award wage, it can be tough,” Mrs Glasby said. 

Byng Street Local Store owner Jeremy Norris opened a second cafe, The Endsleigh, on Endsleigh Avenue three months ago, but said one of the reasons his businesses were sustainable was because they were not in the central business district.

“I think the market probably is saturated, but everyone is offering something slightly different,” he said. 

Mr Norris said the explosion of coffee shops was not a trend localised to Orange and the boom could be seen in most places. 

Craig Honeysett of Dotted Eight cafe in McNamara Lane watched new business The Grocer & Co Organics open up across the road, serving coffee. But he is not worried.

“Every cafe has its own thing and they will still keep coming if you have what they want,” he said.

Taste Orange spokeswoman Charlotte Gundry said the diversity of cafes in town was a boost for tourism.

“And the diversity of opening hours,” she said.

“It’s great to see cafes open on weekends and public holidays. No one can expect businesses to open seven days a week.”

Above is a list of coffee venue in Orange. If you can think of any more please add them in a comment to this story.

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