Marjoram feels like the new kid on the block around Wanderers whizzkids

LEADING THE WAY: Darryn Marjoram is enjoying his time in the Wanderers line-up in 2014.
Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0705menhock1
LEADING THE WAY: Darryn Marjoram is enjoying his time in the Wanderers line-up in 2014. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0705menhock1

FOR a player with the vast experience of Darryn Marjoram, you’d think the throng of up-and-coming hockey players at the Orange Wanderers would be learning a thing or two from the representative veteran.

But this men’s Premier League Hockey season, it’s Marjoram who’s in awe.

“I’m learning from them,” he quipped.

“Some of the stuff they can do, they’re just fantastic.

“I’m loving it this year. Over the last couple of seasons, I haven’t been one to play if it means I’m taking the place of one of the younger guys, but this year with Beth [Shea] and Porky [Andrew Reddan] coaching, I don’t feel that way at all.”

Marjoram will again line up for Wanderers in their crucial clash with arch-enemy Bathurst Souths on Saturday.

The two met in a typically spiteful 3-all draw at the end of May and, with the two blues currently sitting third on 16 points and Wanderers fourth solely through goal differential, Saturday’s clash at Bathurst has the potential to be just as heated.

That possibility was nigh on a certainty in previous seasons.


But, with a top-three berth on the line, Marjoram is adamant the “niggle” that headlined past Orange-Souths clashes isn’t Wanderers’ main concern in 2014.

“I think it’s important we stick to the structure that’s been put in place this season,” he said.

“If we can do that and play at the tempo we’re capable of, then I think it doesn’t matter if the other team wants to niggle or not niggle, all of that stuff becomes secondary.”

He said the inclusion of Beth and Pete Shea on the coaching stuff had ensured the Orange men’s PLH team played with a renewed focus each week.

“There’s a bit of a different feel around the team this year,” Marjoram added.

“And Porky sticking with the team has been great for us. He’s involved heavily and there’s no doubt Beth has been a positive too.

“We’ve copped a few heavy losses this year but each time we’ve genuinely taken positives out of those games. No one likes losing but we’re learning from those games now more than in the past.”

That philosophy will be on show on Saturday from 12.20pm.

WANDERERS: Daryl Kennewell, Adam Shepherd, Zachary Royle, Alex Said, Gerry Shea, Adam Hukins, Hayden Dillon, Rowan Baker, Darryn Marjoram, Keegan Brooke, Nick Sharp, Luke Skelton, Adam Skelton, Andrew Rutledge, Mick Dillon, Caiden Reddan.