Snow on the way and expected to settle on Friday morning

HERE IT COMES: Snow is expected in Orange over the next two days.
HERE IT COMES: Snow is expected in Orange over the next two days.

BRACE yourself Orange - we’re in for some crazy weather for the remainder of the week.

And the best part is we can expect heavy snowfall late on Thursday and Friday according to Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke.

“Snowfall will be quite good on Thursday and Friday, especially around parts of Lake Canobolas where we’re expecting anywhere between 20 and 40 centimetres to fall,” he said.

“Also the chances of snowfall in and around Orange will be quite good, actually better than the chances were the weekend you had heavy snowfalls.

“I’m expecting a bit of snow to be sitting on the ground early Friday before it warms up a little in the afternoon.”

The snowfall prediction follows a wet week for Orange, with keen weather enthusiast Tim Mackie reporting 23.5 millimetres falling between 9am on Tuesday and 9am on Wednesday in the central business district.


“That rainfall is the heaviest Orange has seen since March and is by far the heaviest day on record this month,” Mr Dutschke added.

“There’ll be another five to 10 millimetres fall late Thursday (today).”

Despite the heavy rain, Mr Dutschke said Orange would likely fall short of July’s average rainfall of 89.5 millimetres.

“So far Orange has received about 45 millimetres this month but I think it will just fall short of the monthly average,” he said.

“But in saying that Orange will still be well above the yearly average so far - up until June the six-month average was 420 millimetres and 478 millimetres has fallen.”

After snowfall today and tomorrow, Mr Dutschke expected fine weather until late next week when more showers are predicted.