Mount Canobolas road closed: snow falls in Orange overnight

DOWN IT COMES: Snow falling in north Orange on Saturday night.
DOWN IT COMES: Snow falling in north Orange on Saturday night.


MOTORISTS are advised by police not to try and drive up the Pinnacle or Mount Canobolas during the current conditions.

Cabonne Council closed the top gate to the mountain at 8.30pm on Saturday night following a request from police.

As the weather deteriorated and following a second call from police around midnight the lower gate was closed.

Police are advising motorists not to try to negotiate the mountain.

A spokesperson for Miss Daisy's Teahouse at the base of Mount Canobolas says the teahouse is packed this morning with visitors trying to catch a glimpse of the snow which has settled lightly in some spots.


ONE of the few good things to come from our recent cold snap is the chance of snow falling.

Last night it happened.

You may not have seen it if you were snuggled up in bed, but there was a decent settling in parts of Orange, as these photos from north Orange show.

What's more, the weathermen are predicting more tomorrow.

We're hoping to compile a photo gallery of your best snow photos, so if you were out in the yard with your camera, or even snapping away from between the curtains, we'd like your photos.

Send them as an attachment to an email to and we'll publish them on the Central Western Daily website.