How one broken tail light revealed a drug dealer to the police

NOT BUYING IT: The magistrate wasn't buying a drug dealer's remorse.

NOT BUYING IT: The magistrate wasn't buying a drug dealer's remorse.

A BATHURST drug dealer was caught picking up his amphetamines supply in Orange and all because he had a broken tail light. 

Zared Sisley of Sofala was sentenced to 250 hours of community service in Orange Local Court after police found a package containing amphetamines, which weighed about 13 grams, in his car. 

Police statements said Sisley was pulled over by an officer who noticed the car he was driving had a broken tail light. 

Intelligence reports led police to search the vehicle where officers found a piece of paper which had  an Orange address on it . 

Officers asked him who lived there and Sisley denied any knowledge of the address. 

Officers then swapped cars at the station and parked near the address  and watched Sisley enter and leave the house. 

He was then pulled over a second time and the car was searched. 

Officers found an air conditioning pipe was loose in the car and after they wriggled it, located the package containing a brown paste. 

Sisley’s solicitor Rebecca McIlveen said the 24-year-old had shown he could “kick a drug habit”. 

“He had a particularly unfortunate childhood,” she said.

“His father was imprisoned for drug and alcohol offences and he became the major carer.”

Since the arrest Sisley and his partner moved out of Bathurst to Sofala to help Sisley cease contact with the people in his life who encouraged his drug use. 

Magistrate Terry Lucas, said Sisley pleaded not guilty which showed no remorse and he was “clearly involved in the supply of prohibited drugs”.

“You’ve taken your family out to Sofala to protect them from people like yourself ... your happy to do to other’s children what you don’t want them to do to yours,” he said. 

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