From jail to bail: delivery boy at centre of sham robbery gets sentence reprieve

A PIZZA delivery driver who lied to police about being robbed at knife point was sent to jail, but he was allowed bail pending a severity appeal. 

Justin Bonney was sentenced to four months in prison on Monday for fabricating the theft which resulted in about $1,000 of police resources going to waste. 

Magistrate Terry Lucas granted the 20-year-old bail on Thursday after he applied to have the severity of the sentence reviewed in Orange District Court in August. 

At 10.30pm on September 25, 2013, Bonney called his manager at Dominos and told him he had been robbed of $93.10 worth of food and some cash. 

Yet when police arrived Bonney could not locate the exact spot on Canobolas Road where the robbery occurred nor could police find the address, given to Bonney, known as 274 Canobolas Road. 

The next day police went to the scene with specialist crime scene police, but they could find no evidence of a crime. 

Officers went to 264 Canobolas Road and spoke to the residents at the home and found fresh pizza boxes in the bins.


Police then took Bonney for a “walk through” of the crime which officers video recorded. 

They said Bonney was nervous and the recreation of the crime was inconsistent with his initial statement. 

Police then spoke with the manager of the store who told them the man who had called up to order the $93 worth of pizza requested Bonney as the delivery driver. 

The mobile phone number attached to the order was incorrect or fake because the manager had tried to contact the caller and could not succeed.

He said he allowed Bonney to take the order because he admitted he “knew one of them”. 

Officers took one of the occupants of 264 Canobolas Road in for questioning and the man said Bonney had organised the whole thing and asked him to make the call. 

Bonney maintained he was innocent throughout. 

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