Federal view: 'Responsible' budget will be tough but fair

BY the time this column goes to print the budget will have been released and digested. 

Just as the 1996 Howard budget set the foundation for the economic goals that were achieved following, this budget will also start the repair job and is part of a broader plan in taking action to build a sustainable and prosperous future.

It will be a responsible budget and it will be a fair budget.

It will be fair because all of us will play our part. By sharing the load, we lighten the load – and together we can chip away at the debt and deficits that are currently costing Australians $1 billion every month and heading north in interest.

The debt and deficit that we face is not of our making, it is the legacy of Labor’s spending frenzy. However, it is the Coalition Government that is taking responsibility for getting the Budget on track.

John's farewell

LAST Friday was the final day before retirement for John McDonald.

John will begin a well-deserved retirement after a lifetime of work in banking, real estate, and for the last five-and-a-half years in my office.

He has been a pillar of strength in our office and is an extraordinarily well respected local figure.

John is known as the most straight forward person you could deal with, and no one who has dealt with him in my office could ever say they had not had a thorough hearing and effort on their behalf.

We wish John and Moina all the very best for their retirement.

Your say on child support

A NEW inquiry into the child support program has been announced. 

An anonymous, online questionnaire has been created for individuals to complete, giving everyone the opportunity to make a contribution.

Respondents can tell the committee about their experience without needing to write a submission. 

Further information, and the questionnaire, is available at www.aph.gov.au/childsupport.

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