Off the boil: Woman given good behaviour bond after throwing hot tea on partner, assaulting daughter

NO CONVICTION RECORDED: A woman has been placed on a bond over alcohol-related incidents.

NO CONVICTION RECORDED: A woman has been placed on a bond over alcohol-related incidents.

A MOTHER who threw near-boiling water over her partner and who assaulted her teenage daughter after the girl tried to stop her from drinking was given a good behaviour bond in Orange Local Court last week. 

The woman, who was not named to protect the identity of the victim, had since the assault enrolled herself in an alcohol rehabilitation program. 

Police facts said the mother threw freshly-brewed tea at her partner and continuously hit her 13-year-old child until she fell to the floor.

She was charged with three counts of assault and one of resisting arrest after police were called to her west Orange home on Boxing Day 2013. 

The mother had started drinking at 8am the morning of the assault and had recently been released from a rehabilitation program.

An argument erupted between the mother, her 15-year-old-daughter, her 13-year-old daughter and her partner after the man walked in to see the woman drinking and his daughter covered in tea. 

The woman lunged at the younger child and then assaulted the child’s father while he tried to rescue the girl. 

In an effort to calm the situation, the father and his two daughters left the house, but later returned while the woman’s sister was visiting.

The violence erupted again when the woman’s sister tried to stop her taking a bottle of wine out of the cupboard.

When the partner tried to intervene, the woman threw a second lot of tea, this time it was freshly brewed, over the man.

The tea hit him on side of the face and poured down his neck and shoulder.

Police arrived but she refused to be handcuffed and resisted police telling them her family had overreacted.

As part of her bond she will not have a conviction on her record.

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