Soft landing: shoplifter who fell through roof in escape attempt given suspended sentence

SCOURGE OF SHOP OWNERS: A shoplifter who is barred from shops has landed a suspended jail sentence.

SCOURGE OF SHOP OWNERS: A shoplifter who is barred from shops has landed a suspended jail sentence.

SHAYLEE Gilby is free to shop again after she was given a suspended sentence in Orange Local Court for a shoplifting offence which ended with the 28-year-old falling through the roof of a chemist shop. 

Gilby stole nail polish and acrylic nail material from Price Attack two weeks ago, was chased through the Orange City Centre, knocked over a woman in her 50s, punched a staff member in the face and then fell through the roof as she was trying to escape from centre management staff. 

Gilby had been before the court for at least 15 shoplifting offences and at least another 15 assault charges, among other offences, and was on bail for a previous crime, of shoplifting, at the time of the offence. 

Part of her strict bail conditions at the time meant she was not allowed to enter any shop other than a specific chemist, not the chemist, of which, she fell through the roof.

She was charged with shoplifting, larceny, common assault and maliciously destroy or damage property as a result of the “unique spectacle” on Thursday, April 24. 


She fell during her escape from Price Attack staff and was escorted upstairs to centre management.

She escaped through a back door which led to a void and she walked out onto the ceiling which could not support her weight. 

Police facts said it was lucky no one was injured after she tumbled through the roof, down into Amcal Pharmacy and landed on a display cabinet.

“The chemist was busy at the time with numerous witnesses observing this unique spectacle,” police said. 

At the time she was on bail for stealing a bottle of Beyonce Heat perfume from Chemist Warehouse worth $79.98.

The 12 month suspended jail sentence meant Gilby was on a good behaviour bond but if she was to commit a crime she would serve out the remainder of the sentence in full-time custody.

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