Cold comfort for snow lovers: no more cold fronts predicted for a while

SNOW JOKE:  Reader Reg Kidd submitted this pic of Saturday’s snow.

SNOW JOKE: Reader Reg Kidd submitted this pic of Saturday’s snow.

THOSE who missed the snow in Orange on the weekend will be waiting for a while before there is another chance to build a snow man. 

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Olenka Duma said another cold front would come through, but not in the immediate future.

“At least not in the next week or so,” she said.

“There was a deep low pressure system that came across bringing with it really cold air.”

Not a lot of light could be shed on the coming winter this early in the game.

“It doesn’t look like it will be any wetter or drier than usual,” Ms Duma said.

“There’s a 50/ 50 chance.”


She said it was the same odds for the temperature as well, with a 50 per cent chance winter in Orange would be colder than normal. 

The temperature on the weekend dropped to a minimum of 0.8 degrees on Saturday and 0.9 degrees on Sunday.

The highest temperature was 6.9 degrees on Sunday. 

Mother’s Day is expected to be wet and cold with a maximum of 15 degrees and a minimum of 3 degrees, which is slightly better than the weather predicted for the next five days. 

A frost is predicted for Tuesday with a minimum of 1 degree and a top of 11 degrees expected, but as each day passes the temperature rises, with Wednesday expected to reach a top of 13 degrees, 14 on Thursday, 15 on Friday and a toasty top of 16 degrees on Saturday. 

The coldest May day in Orange in 38 years of records was minus 4 degrees on May 16, 1994.

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