'You must have had more': driver's three glasses of wine claim hard to swallow

ALREADY FOUR AND ONE MORE: A man has recorded his fifth drink-driving offence.

ALREADY FOUR AND ONE MORE: A man has recorded his fifth drink-driving offence.

THE three glasses of white wine Ilie Bulz said he drank nearly four hours before driving with a mid-range reading must have “very big” glasses according to magistrate Terry Lucas. 

Bulz appeared before the Court on Thursday for drink-driving for the fifth time, two of the previous convictions were for high-range drink-driving and two for mid-range drink-driving. 

After appearing in Orange Local Court he will be off the road for seven months and was fined $600.

Bulz had a limited income, police facts stated. 

Mr Lucas challenged the 59-year-old’s statement to police which said he told them he had only consumed three glasses of alcohol between the hours of 2pm and 6pm before recording a blood alcohol reading of 0.091 just after 10pm. 

“With respect sir, to get that reading you must have had more than [three] glasses of wine,” he said. 

Bulz told the story to police who pulled him over in Lone Pine Avenue on Saturday March 22 after he had visited a friend in Kurim Avenue. 

Bulz chose to represent himself in Orange Local Court and said he had also had a nap before he chose to drive.

He told Mr Lucas he was only driving for 100 metres, yet his address recorded in police facts was in Dalton Street. 

Bulz’s previous offences occurred in 2002, 1997 and 1988.

Police said Bulz smelt strongly of alcohol when he was pulled over and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.

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