When 'lollies' and 'footys' are not what they seem: investigation nabs drug dealer

“I HAVE six beers lined up” might sound fairly innocuous, but if you are a detective in the Canobolas Local Area Command you might know better. 

Thomas Williamson and his contacts and clients used terms like “kids lollies”, “the cold stuff”, “pussy cats” and “footys” when they referred to a range of drugs such as MDMA, synthetic drugs known as MCat or meow meow, and methylamphetamine, or ice. 

Williamson’s mobile phone was tapped as part of the police investigation into an armed robbery at the Wentworth Golf Club 12 months ago. Police discovered he and a co-accused had been supplying, handling and possessing large quantities of illegal drugs. 

The 21-year-old Orange man pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in Bathurst District Court on June 10 for two charges of supplying prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis, and two for possession of drugs and possession of drug-administering equipment. His co-accused, an 18-year-old woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, is also expected to be sentenced at the same time for supplying prohibited drugs. 

Police statements tendered as part of the evidence said the two would text each other with locations to swap drugs for cash at places such as the Cheesecake Shop, Waratah Sports Club,  Harvey Norman car park and the Hotel Orange. 

A detective investigating the case said with his years of experience he had learned the lingo used by drug dealers and had understood what was meant when someone asked for some “pussy cats” for “45 each” which were “100 per cent good.” 

“Its a large scale distribution of prohibited drugs in Orange,”, the detective said in a statement.

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