Hell to pay: man dressed as Jesus threatens police, awaits sentence

A MAN dressed as Jesus, the abominable snowman and Super Mario walk into a bar ...

One ends up in Orange Local Court.

The man dressed as Jesus, Anthony McCormick, 33, landed in the cells at Orange police station and ended up urinating on the floor while hurling abuse at officers. 

The incident occurred at 9.30pm on February 1 when police showed up to a party at the Orange Ex-Services’ Club to arrest a party guest for an outstanding warrant. 

McCormick and his friends, one dressed as the snowman or as police described as “a white monkey” and another dressed as Super Mario, attempted to rescue their friend. 

The group tried to stop police from leaving with McCormick jumping in front of police and grabbing at the prisoner.

A scuffle followed and the electronic doors at the club were broken. 

The 33-year-old  threatened officers and told them “you got nothing without that badge on”.

He then spat at officers but missed. 

“I’ll f-----g smash you,” he said. 

“I’m going to bite your f-----g nose off”.

At that point the man dressed as Super Mario intervened and tried to hold McCormick back but he again attempted to go towards police so officers issued him with a move along notice but he ignored it.

He was arrested and placed in handcuffs but had not settled down by the time police arrived back at the station and he spat again and managed to hit an officer’s arm.

Police locked him in a cell where he smashed his head against the perspex dock and continued to spit. 

He pleaded guilty in Orange Local Court to offensive behaviour, destroying property, resisting arrest and assault against an officer. 

He is expected to be sentenced in May.

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