We won't make it: readers slam government's 70+ pension plan

MOST people in Orange do not feel they would be physically or mentally capable of working until the age of 70, according to a poll conducted on Tuesday.

Following the Central Western Daily’s coverage of the federal government’s proposal to lift the pension age to 70, 208 people took part in an online poll asking whether they would feel capable of facing the nine to five for an extra three years.

Of those, about 80.4 per cent felt they couldn’t work until their 70th birthday, with only 19.6 per cent saying they could reach the milestone. 

Fred commented both sides of politics were fast destroying the “lucky country.”

“Is Abbott assuming there will be jobs for ‘pensioners’ at 69 years of age? There are not enough jobs for people at 50 years old, so how does he consider a 69-year-old person will have a job to fill?” he asked.

“This is simply a stunt to push ‘pensioners’ to Newstart.”

Leafman believes health costs should be addressed by preventing overcharging.

“A better solution to reducing rising costs of health would be to seriously attack the [government and insurance] costs imposed on doctors, the ridiculous pharmaceutical costs and over prescriptions of them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Evo, believed the problem could be short-lived due to binge drinking and obesity.

“If [the] youth today live to be 100 after they retire, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle,” Evo said.

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