Panthers nail win against Socialites, while Tigers pounce on Spitfires

Some darts players in England think using darts can get boring, so they take along some six inch nails and use them instead.

A bloke named Joe Hitchcock used to love to beat the champions in this way.

One of his favourite tricks was to nail a button from between someone’s outstretched fingers.

Players in the Orange men’s darts competition are unlikely to turn up with nails instead of darts, but some of them night give it a try one day.

In the meantime the Great Western Panthers threw their darts to perfection to get a 8-3 win over the Victoria Socialites with Will Owers (2x100, 117, 132), Dave Harvey (2x100), John Grevink (2x100, 121), Rob Puckeridge (2x100), Bill Gayford (100, 121)and Matt Caughlan (140) all putting in a big effort.

The Socialites’ Jamie Dykstra (3x100,140), Brett Quick (3x100, 105), Norm Foley (133, 136), Ian Thomas (140) and Scott Roarty (three triple 10s after three triple 16s last week) and Brett Quick (89 peg) tried hard but again couldn’t quite get there.

The Great Western Tigers had a 7-4 win over the Victoria Spitfires in a hard-fought match that went late into the night.

The Tigers to get the big scores were Jason Hurford (3x100, 140), Barry Wicks (4x100), Allan Hurford (5x100), Denis Gregory (100), Barry Rhodes (100) and Lee Byrnes (100).

The Spitfires’ best were Mark Wiegold (4x100, 125, 2x140), Nathan Fitzpatrick (2x100), Jason Fewings (140) and Corey Dixon (102, 103).

In division 2 The Metro Old Boys fired up for their 7-4 win over the Victoria DTs with the top scorers Phil Sturt (100), Dave Lang (100), Ray Allport (100), Chris Allport (132), Jeff Grinrod (2x100) and Brian Turnbull (100).

The DTs’ Max Dennis (100) and Paddy Dunne (133) had good games .

The Royal Half Dozen were too strong for the Paddle Pops, winning 7-4 with the big scores hit by Paul Swartz (100), Colin Rapley (100), David Warburton (116) and Mick Trott (115).

The Paddle Pops didn’t hit any scores of 100 or more all night.

The Carrington Redbacks had to forfeit to the Royal while the Outcasts had the bye.

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