'I'm going to kill your f***ing dog': animal cruelty offender fails to appear in court

ARREST warrants were issued in Orange Local Court on Thursday for a woman who stole a puppy, threatened to kill it and dumped it in a skip bin.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin called for for Sharon Maree Newman, of Lawson Place, to be sent to jail and asked Magistrate Terry Lucas to issue the warrants when she failed to appear in court. 

In her absence, Mr Lucas convicted the 46-year-old of the crimes of animal cruelty, dog theft, trespassing and using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend. 

On December 15, Newman phoned a woman, with whom she had a hostile relationship, multiple times.

Each time she swore violently at her and the woman hung up. Newman then snuck down the side of the victim’s house, opened the gate and stole the woman’s  three-month-old fox terrier. 

She went to the kitchen window, held the dog up by its neck and said “haha, I’m going to kill your f***ing dog.”

The owner pleaded with Newman to put her dog down and called the police, but instead Newman shook the dog violently and took off from the house with the puppy.

She then phoned the victim again and demanded money for cigarettes. 

Police found Newman in March Street and she pretended she had no idea what they were talking about.

“Has there been some sort of big dog nabbing?” she asked officers. 

Police officers arrested her after she refused to tell them where she put the puppy. 

“I wanted her to know how it feels to lose something she loves,” Newman told the officers.

They asked her another three times and she refused to tell them where the puppy was, other than to say it was in a bin.

Police searched the area and found the puppy in a metal skip bin on a 30-degree day with no food or water. 

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