Spate of break-ins means keeping things locked up is the key to security

LOCK up or lose it.

That’s the message from Orange police who say thieves are active in Orange targeting houses in a spate of break-ins over the last week.

Canobolas Local Area Command Superintendent David Driver said Orange residents need to review their security but it doesn’t have to be a costly process.

“We have had instances where the thieves have just walked through the unlocked front or back doors,” he said.

Fly screens over open windows are no security against a break-in according to Superintendent Driver.

“Some of the thieves have been gaining access by just cutting them,” he said.

He said police have mounted an operation to target the suspects.

“We are building a profile on the offenders,” he said.


Superintendent Driver said people have to look at changing their habits to stop thieves in their tracks.

He said leaving handbags or wallets in open view inside a house means thieves steal the keys, the bag or wallet, followed by the family car sitting in the driveway.

“Always lock your garage door and the internal door from your garage through to your house,” he said.

“Police are serious about putting a stop to these recent spate of break-ins and we are taking a multi-pronged approach to catching them.

“But we encourage the public to help by locking up,” he said.

Superintendent Driver said locking cars and not leaving valuable inside is also crucial to preventing theft.

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