Dragged to the ground and robbed: police investigate vicious attack on elderly man

POLICE are on the hunt for two juveniles who viciously assaulted an elderly man in Kelso on Monday.

Police have appealed to the public in the hope of identifying the two boys who pushed the man to the ground as they attempted to rob him.

Detectives are investigating the assault, which occurred about 11.20am, when an 85-year-old man, who was walking alone was approached by the two juveniles as he walked home from the local shops.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of Boyd and View streets.

Police said the 85-year-old man was dragged to the ground as the offenders attempted to steal his property and, as a result of his injuries, he later required medical attention. 

Police allege the two males were riding BMX bikes at the time and were loitering around the Kelso shops prior to the incident.

Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact Bathurst Police and remind people information can be left anonymously.

Wayne Beard, a business owner at Kelso Shopping Centre, said while he had heard about the assault he didn't see anything on Monday.

"We very rarely have any problems at all inside the centre. People know if they they play up in here we don't mess around, we ring the police and they're gone," he said.

However, Mr Beard said from time to time he had seen and heard of people loitering outside the shopping centre begging for money.

"Customers come in and say there is someone standing out the front asking for money to buy stuff.

"But they [the beggers] tend to be older people.  I've heard customers say they ask for cash to buy milk or formula for their baby but nine times out of 10 it would be for drugs."

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