OUR SAY: Police need our help in knocking crime on the head

THE original Vandals made a name for themselves by sacking Rome in 455AD.

They did such a good job of tearing down and smashing the buildings and property of another community that the name stuck.

In Orange in 2014 and just about everywhere else in the world the practice of wanton destruction of property still goes on.

If there is one difference between the behaviour of the Vandals of the fifth century and their modern- day imitators it is that at least the Vandals didn’t trash their own society.

Today’s vandals do and that is what’s so frustrating about vandalism in Orange in recent weeks.

Orange Kart Club and Orange Harness Racing Club have both had visits from vandals who, apart from engaging in some break and entering and theft, have gone out of their way to trash the premises and destroy whatever they couldn’t carry off.

Clubs that contribute to the community, rely on volunteers to run their activities and provide a source of entertainment for the community could be excused for asking why they bother.


The answer of course is that the appalling behaviour of a minority will never deter the majority from doing that little bit extra for their community.

Our volunteers and club stalwarts are made of sterner stuff.

They will clean up and carry on while the vandals, who they suspect are teenagers, will carry on progressing to other crime unless the police catch up with them soon.

And there is plenty for the police to be following up lately.

With the spate of break-ins at north Orange this week, the theft and vandalism at the clubs and a school crossing guide’s complaints about speeding drivers the police will be busy.

All the rest of the community can do is give the police a hand if you can. 

If you see someone behaving suspiciously pick up the phone and if you see a driver hurtling through a school zone get the registration number.

It’s time some of these people got a knock on the door from the police.

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