Penalty rates in danger if holiday trading gets green light: union

THE introduction of holiday trading would be the first step towards the eradication of penalty rates says the Central West Community Union Alliance’s (CUA) Joe Maric.

Mr Maric said not only would the proposed introduction of widespread trading on Boxing Day and Good Friday make it easier to end the payment of penalty rates, it would also impact on people’s social and religious life. 

Mr Maric said the CUA has vowed to step up its campaign to stop the introduction of holiday trading on Boxing Day and Good Friday and will be seeking the support of various community groups and charities.

“We want to get church groups and even the CWA (Country Women’s Association) involved [in the campaign],” Mr Maric said.

“If holiday trading is introduced it will take away people’s leisure time, the time that they traditionally would have used to go to church,” he said.

“The CWA is a very traditional organisation so they won’t be happy about this either.”


Mr Maric said the union would use its May Day march on May 4 to campaign against holiday trading and the loss of penalty rates.

“Taking away penalty rates will be devastating for people who are already feeling the pressure,” Mr Maric said.

“We need to keep workers happy, having happy workers is good for business.”

Mr Maric said he was hopeful Clubs NSW would reverse its decision to open clubs on Good Friday.

“We don’t need clubs open then, it’s different in a place like Orange, we’ve got to get the balance right.”

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