OUR SAY: Let's take one important lesson from Blayney tragedy

THE shocking death of an 11-month-old baby girl at Blayney on Wednesday will send a chill down every parent’s spine.

Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the infant’s death, and it is far too early for them to say with any certainty what happened at Mandurama on that terrible morning.

Officers have appealed for information from the public and every piece of information might help them.

In the meantime, as is always the case, there have been plenty of theories being circulated in the small town but only time will reveal the full story.

But out of respect for the grieving family, and for the little girl herself, we should all keep our theories to ourselves and let the police do their work.

There is nothing to be gained by pre-judging the case before the facts are known.


Sadly, though, nothing the police do over the next few weeks and months can bring that little girl back, and nothing can ease the terrible pain her family must be feeling.

Nothing can fulfil the dreams they held for a little girl who did not reach her first birthday, and nothing can replace the hole she leaves behind.

We take too much for granted in this life, including life itself.

We complain too readily when we know in the back of our minds that things could really be much worse. Wednesday morning’s tragedy is proof of that.

Parents, be thankful for your precious gift of children.

Hug them today and cherish every moment with them.

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