Cabonne happy to make tracks for Mount Canobolas bike venture

CABONNE Shire Council would welcome the boost for tourism and local jobs a proposed mountain bike park for the Mount Canobolas area would bring, provided sensitive environmental issues can be managed.

Council spokesman Dale Jones said the shire would look closely at any tourism project which extended beyond the Lake Canobolas area controlled by Orange council into the shire.

“We work very closely with Orange so anything that can boost tourism to the region we are very keen to explore and co-operate with,” Mr Jones said.

“We are very keen to explore any joint tourism opportunities, but any activity would have to fit in with the zoning and not be detrimental to the environment.”

Under existing zoning in Cabonne’s local environmental plan, which includes the Mount Canobolas national park area, mountain biking is allowed, however other tourism activities and associated developments may not be permissible.


The owner of Miss Daisy’s Teahouse at the base of Mount Canobolas, Kelly Hofmann, believes the mountain bike park will be more beneficial than detrimental if the national park can maintain the bike tracks as they have done the walking tracks.

“We need something that draws tourists to the area,” she said.

"We’re in hospitality and we’re noticing a lot of people are looking for work.

“I think that anything that gives people an opportunity to work in this region is fantastic.”

Ms Hofmann welcomes the potential increase of business and tourists and is not worried by incoming competition. 

“I think competition is healthy and drives you to be better,” she said.

"We will most definitely be able to handle more tourists.”

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