So drunk he needed help walking, but high-range drink-driver says he hadn't touched a drop

JASON Golonski was so drunk he needed assistance to walk despite telling police he had not had anything to drink. 

Also known as Jason Seefuss, the 41-year-old who lives in March Street was fined $5000 and disqualified from driving for three years after he drove with a blood alcohol reading of 0.203. 

Golonski did not appear at Orange Local Court on Thursday when magistrate Terry Lucas sentenced him on charges of high-range PCA, driving while uninsured, driving an unregistered car, driving without a licence and for previously being convicted of driving without a licence. 

Golonski was speeding down Kendall Avenue in Bathurst at 2.55am on Friday, December 20, 2013, when police spotted the car. 

Golonski then “swerved quickly into the right lane” and crashed into a median strip. 

Police said he smelt strongly of alcohol, was slurring his words, his eyes were watery and glassy, was unsteady on his feet and needed help to walk. 

Police asked him how much he had had to drink and he told them he had not been drinking. 

Mr Lucas fined Golonksi $2000 for high-range drink-driving, $1000 for each charge of driving while uninsured, unlicensed and driving an unregistered car but also sentenced him to two years disqualification for the high-range charge and a third year disqualification for the second offence of driving unlicensed. 

Golonksi has never had a licence.

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