Thieves rob mum of much more than a car

ORANGE’S Crystal Wade has had her world turned upside down after unknown people she describes as “complete idiots” stole and destroyed her VP Commodore.

And the worst thing is, according to Ms Wade, it  will be her six-year-old daughter who suffers the most.

“She has to go to the hospital all the time because she has really bad hip problems and is waiting for surgery,” she said.

“Now without a car, how I am suppose to get her to all of these things?

“It’s devastating that people can take away your independence so easily just for a joy ride or a bit of fun.”

Ms Webb said she received a knock on the door from police at 2pm on Thursday night informing her the car had been stolen.

Still in shock, she realised the car she had purchased only a month ago was not insured.

“They found my car on the corner of Bathurst Road and Lone Pine Avenue, but the worst part is I had only had the car for a month and was in the process of getting it insured, because I was putting money away for it,” she said.

“Now the car is gone and I’m left with nothing. I’m shattered.”

Orange police are investigating the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact them on 6363 6399.


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