'Fart bomb' defence can't clear the air in drink driving case

JAMIE Hosler explained to police the smoke billowing from the back of his car was not from doing a burn-out, rather, it was from a fart bomb let off by his friends. 

Hosler, 28, of Packham Street appeared in Orange Local Court on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to high range drink driving.

A witness, who saw the car Hosler was driving do a burn-out, flagged the attention of Forbes police just before 1am on November 23 and pointed down Lachlan Street in Forbes.

She told police “They rippin’ it up”. 

Police facts said officers waited for copious amounts of smoke to clear before they approached the car Hosler had been driving. 

Initially Hosler told police the smoke was from a problem in the exhaust, but quickly changed his story. 

He also told police he had not been driving the car, yet he was in the driver’s seat, had a passenger in the front and one in the back. 

“I wasn’t driving, see there are no keys in the ignition,” he said.

Officers breath-tested Hosler who blew high range, but when officers told him he was under arrest he argued his innocence further. 

“The boys just let off a fart bomb. That’s where all the smoke came from,” he said. 

The back tyres of the car were hot and sticky according to officers. 

Hosler was taken back to Forbes police station and police obtained a blood alcohol reading of 0.178.

Within one hour of Hosler’s arrest his friends were back in the car, sitting around drinking. 

Hosler’s solicitor Mason Manwaring asked that his client be sentenced in June after Hosler completed a traffic offender intervention program at the PCYC.

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