2014 PLH season preview: Orange Wanderers

ORANGE Wanderers head coach Andrew Reddan pulled no punches in the lead up to his team's Premier League Hockey season.

After two underwhelming seasons in 2012 and 2013, Wanderers have welcomed Beth and Pete Shea as assistant coaches.

"There is no substitute for their experience," Reddan said.

"They are great coaches and have big ideas for the club."

Wanderers will undergo some radical changes for 2014, Reddan said, including new attacking game plans and a restructuring of the club's coaching and leadership systems.

"We'll be changing a lot about the way we go about things this year," Reddan explained.

"We've played the same way for a while, so our new structures might be difficult to adapt to for some of the older players, but they'll have to.

"We're also putting in place a leadership group, filled with junior guys and senior players. Rather than having one captain we'll have a few, which should work well with the rotation-type system and all-round plan of play we're looking to use."

Reddan put Wanderers' recent failings down to one factor - too many inflated egos.

"These guys were dominant for a long time with Bloomfield and Orange," he said.

"Now they're struggling, and we've had some massive ego clashes among the group. Part of this year is establishing a new culture in the club, but to be successful everyone has to buy in and support it.

"It was the players' decision to make these changes, so it's their responsibility to ensure it happens. The onus is on them.

"If we put it all together, we'll be a title contender."

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