'They want, they take': Crime fighter the latest victim of thieves

ALICE Bingham established a Facebook page to help people monitor crime in the area, but sadly she’s become one of Orange’s latest victims.

Ms Bingham’s Bowen house was broken into overnight on Thursday and her handbag, mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses, spare car keys and iPad were stolen.

Thieves entered her house via a lounge room window that had been left slightly open.

Ms Bingham doesn’t have contents insurance and said she’d struggle to replace the stolen goods any time soon.

“Since it happened a lot of people have been saying we should bring back old-style punishment,” she said.

“But I’d at least like to see the people responsible for this named and shamed so that people know to keep an eye out for them.”

Ms Bingham said the theft of the iPad is particularly upsetting for her 15-year-old son, who has a range of learning problems and uses the device  for educational purposes.

The iPad also contains all of the family’s medical details and appointments.

“When I couldn’t find the iPad I thought my son had misplaced it but then I noticed the window was open, the flyscreen was off and the cat was outside,” Ms Bingham said. 

Ms Bingham said most thieves believe if “they want, they take”.

“It took so long to rake up the money to buy those things ... they’ll just take them and sell them off cheap,” she said.

“They might be kids or well-known local families. We also get a lot of families that come every winter from out west.”

Ms Bingham said her son had found it difficult to sleep since the incident and refused to take medication to help.

“Every time he hears a noise he flies out of bed to see who it is,” she said.

Ms Bingham said she’d like more resources given to police and their forensic teams to fight crime and catch those responsible, and for magistrates stop giving offenders bail.

She’d also like to see mobile or satellite police stations established in Bowen and Glenroi.

Ms Bingham used her Facebook page, Report All In Orange NSW - with other Towns and Articles of Interest to report on her break and enter and warn others that it could happen to anyone.


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