OUR SAY: Now's your chance to go and see what's on our doorstep

AN exhibition showcasing many of the community, hobby and sporting groups in Orange might not look out of place at the annual country expo in Sydney, but the expo at Orange PCYC on Sunday is aimed much closer to home.

With good reason, the Rotary clubs of Orange are staging an event with 76 exhibitors that has residents very much in mind.

Rotary prides itself on helping build stronger communities, both in the home towns of Rotary clubs and around the globe, and one of the best ways to do that is by utilising the community structures that already exist.

Many of us belong to one sporting or community club or another, but how many people would belong to several and how many visitors to tomorrow’s Experience Orange Expo would have even heard of many of the exhibiting organisations?

Though Orange has a great deal to offer we are all creatures of habit and tend to move in the same social circles and interest groups year after year.

There would be many social clubs, hobby groups, charitable organisations and sporting associations that could interest us if only we knew they existed.

The combined Rotary expo does not intend to launch new clubs in exciting uncharted areas. It is simply to highlight for long-time residents and new arrivals alike the wonderful organisations that already exist.

If you want to encourage a stronger community where people are engaged with each other and the wider community what better way to do it than by showing residents the great opportunities that already exist.

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