City will keep on dancing to a multicultural tune

PEOPLE often do not think of country places as multicultural centres but Orange is leading the way, says Orange City Council migrant support worker Anni Gallagher.

Orange is a mecca for people of foreign backgrounds because of the generally accepting nature of Orange residents and their appreciation for arts, culture and music, which draws people to the area, Ms Gallagher said. 

As a prelude to international Harmony Day on Monday, March 21, there will be a multicultural celebration at the Odeon 5 Cinemas in Orange on Sunday where guests will be treated to a multicultural film and be entertained by dancing groups of different backgrounds. 

“It’s about saying no to racism and about making a difference and getting people to come together to celebrates cultures,” Ms Gallagher said. 

“Orange people are generally very accepting and usually in every school and every neighbourhood something is done to celebrate multiculturalism.”

Funding for the event came from the government’s Diversity and Social Cohesion Program through the Department of Immigration but the funding is a small portion of a larger grant for a program developed for Orange called Skill. 

The Skill program will be rolled out over the next year and is designed to encourage greater involvement in the community from groups who otherwise might fall through the cracks. 

Guests to the event, which starts at 2pm and will run through until 4.30pm, are encouraged to donate $2 and can pick up tickets from 79 Kite Street or on the day at the cinema. 

Afternoon tea will be provided.

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