It's all on tape: Hotel's cameras record punch to face

WHEN Scott Bernard Cole smashed his closed right fist into the head of a man at the Royal Hotel in November last year he was filmed on the hotel’s CCTV, which is now be pivotal to the prosecution case.

In Orange Local Court last Thursday Cole, 22, pleaded guilty to recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm on the victim who underwent surgery in Westmead Hospital to have two plates inserted in his jaw, as well as dental surgery following the attack.

Police say the CCTV footage shows the victim at the bar of the hotel at 1.45am on November 30 when he was approached by the accused and initially slapped on the face. The victim did not retaliate.

The victim ignored his assailant and continued to look straight ahead when Cole punched him. The victim immediately collapsed, hitting his head on the bar bench on the way down.

In the brief of evidence before the court, the hotel’s bar staff helped the victim to his feet and he left the premises.

Police claim the victim and Cole were both intoxicated at the time with the victim reporting the incident to police the following morning before seeking medical attention.

The victim told police following surgery he had lost some sensation to his lip and side of his face, which was struck in the attack.

According to police,  when they went to the home of the accused he admitted the attack.

“Yeah, I know I hit him, I f---ed up,” he allegedly told police before he was arrested and subsequently charged with reckless grievous bodily harm, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The second charge was withdrawn in court by the prosecution.

A pre-sentence report was ordered by the magistrate who will sentence Cole in mid-April.

Until then he has been allowed to remain out of jail on bail.

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