Park toilets hit stumbling block

ROBERTSON Park’s historic value should be considered when deciding on the design of a long-awaited toilet block for the park, according to councillor Glenn Taylor.

Building designers were appointed late last year to draft plans for toilets to be built in the park and other locations around Orange including Perry Oval, after a modern three-cubicle automatic toilet block for the park unveiled early last year was abandoned due to a last minute complaint from former mayor Dick Niven.

But Cr Taylor said Robertson Park was an exceptional case and the toilet block’s external design  must be sympathetic to the park.

Locating the controversial toilet block near the CWA hall has again been floated as an option, as have the McNamara Lane and Lords Place sides of the park.

Cr Taylor said his preference was for the McNamara Lane side, despite Mr Niven’s opposition, but he believed the CWA may soften its stance against the toilets if the toilet block was a separate building rather than inside the hall.

“I maintain that [the toilets] are going in for big events and for people to use during the day time,” he said.

“They’re for the use of the community as a whole.”

He said existing public toilets near the library were too difficult to access across the “horrendous” Byng Street traffic.

“I’m prepared to support any site to get the toilets in place,” he said.

“I’ve lost count of how many Anzac Days we’re we’ve still been debating it.”

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