We should be under the weather for a few days to come

WEATHERZONE meteorologist Brett Dutschke believes unpredictable rainfall and high humidity could continue well into the middle of next week.

This follows what Mr Dutschke claims was an unusual storm on Tuesday, where the central business district received massive downpours while outlying areas were lucky to register anything more than a sprinkle.

“At our Kite Street location around 23 millimetres were recorded and there are reports of up to 30mm being recorded in some parts of Orange,” he said.

“But in some outlying areas there were some places that recorded much less than 10mm.

“The reason for so much rain in some parts of the city was because it was a fairly slow moving storm that was almost stationary and it was very intense. 

“It seems to be the pattern at the moment - a low pressure trough not causing wide-spread rain but instead heavy and constant slow-moving storms.”

Mr Dutschke predicted another storm would hit the region today, with another possible tomorrow. He believes things could clear up on Saturday and Sunday, before rain is likely to return early next week.

“Orange is a huge chance of another big downpour on Thursday [today] but it will be much the same - some areas might get another 30mm while some might not get any,” he said.

“All up this week some places might register more than 50mm but some places that could be less than five kilometres away might not get any at all.

“I expect there will continue to be a lot of moisture in the air early next week and the low pressure trough will ensure more rain and high humidity.

“We’ll continue to get warmer nights than usual but it’s not going to be a good week to get your washing done.”



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