Call for bans after sheep mauled to death by dogs

A WOMAN whose four pet sheep were mauled to death by two dogs on Saturday morning says irresponsible owners should be banned from keeping dogs.

"The dogs literally ripped the whole face of one of them," Katrina Handford said.

"It was the most horrendous thing I have ever seen."

Ms Handford's partner, Lorne Boland, saw two brown dogs running through their Minore property on Saturday morning about 8am before he discovered the gored dorper sheep.

One died of its injuries, one was destroyed by police, and two more were destroyed by a veterinarian.

"It was just revolting," Ms Handford said. She described her sheep, many of whom have names, as her "babies".

A ewe which survived the attack is now missing a large portion of its face, a deep crimson section showing beneath the eye.

A lamb is missing an ear.

Ms Handford said the owner of a neighbouring property caught two dogs which had killed one of his sheep.

A police spokesperson said those dogs had since been destroyed by the property owner.

It has not been established whether these were the same dogs that killed Ms Handford's sheep.

She worried they could return.

"As a general rule, if a dog kills, they come back because they know they have got targets."

Ms Handford said it should not be up to her to erect a more secure pen to shelter her pets.

"I shouldn't have to protect my property because of other people's animals. They should be restrained," she said.

"Obviously they haven't got good enough confines for their animals."

Ms Handford said many dogs, whether they were pets or hunting animals, were not registered as they legally ought to be.

"[Owners] tend to think that if they are rural, they don't need to register them."

She said owners who were found with unregistered animals should receive massive fines and be banned from owning dogs.

"And if the dog is deemed dangerous or has killed another animal, then the fine should be tripled.

"What else can be done to stop this from happening to other people?"

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