No dodging fears about dodging traffic: Motorcycle law hits roadblock

ROAD safety instructor Matt Irvine has slammed new laws allowing motorcyclists to ride between cars.

From July, fully licensed ridwill be able to weave between the lanes of stationary traffic on NSW roads at speeds up to 30km/h.

The law follows a two-month trial and is designed to ease traffic congestion.

“My concern is when the traffic moves off and motorcyclists need to find their own patch of bitumen,” Mr Irvine said.

“While the cars are stationary it doesn’t bother me, but I think there will be some panel damage.”

Motorcycle rider Ray Vanderby said while the new law was a positive, motorcyclists will need to drive defensively to avoid an accident when riding between cars.

“There is that element [of risk] involved and I think it’s a good idea to put the 30km/h speed limit on it, to weave in and out of traffic at speed is dangerous,” he said.

Mr Irvine is a driving and motorcycle instructor and examiner. 

He said the new law will further strain the relationship between two types of motorists on the road.

“I worry already about the hostility between motorcyclists and motorists, I fear it will exacerbate this,” he said.

Mr Irvine said the new law should not have been introduced because it cannot be enforced.

“How are you going to judge 30km/h?” he asked.

“It’s a highway patrol officer’s worst nightmare.”

While the law might work in larger metropolitan areas, Mr Irvine said it would not work in Orange.

“Summer Street is already too narrow,” he said.

Motorcyclists will not be able to ride between cars in school zones, beside kerbs or next to trucks and buses.

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