Lucky to be alive and not in jail

A RUN of bad luck continued in Orange Local Court for Jason Wren on Thursday.

Wren was recently putt off from his job on a cattle farm due to severe drought and faced court charged with a high range drink-driving offence.

Wren told the court he had elected to represent himself and not engage a solicitor.

It was the second time Wren had been caught driving in the high range category after police detected a .276 reading and it was the fifth drink- driving offence to bring the former cattleman before the court.

Magistrate Terry Lucas told Wren with a high reading he was fortunate to escape injuring himself or other people after running into a tree while he was drunk.

“You are lucky to be standing there,” Mr Lucas said.

Mr Lucas asked Wren what he did for a living.

“I’ve been working on a cattle property but I got put off last Friday because of the drought,” Wren told the magistrate.

He told the court he had commitments looking after his elderly parents and needed his licence.

However Wren will now have to make other arrangements.

He was handed one of the largest fines in Orange Local Court for some time, and ordered to pay  $3000.

He has also been disqualified from driving for three years.

Mr Lucas issued a warning to Wren from the bench.

“Don’t drive - if you do you will go to jail, and I can’t make it any clearer than that,” Mr Lucas said.

He told the accused he only had 28 days to pay his $3000 fine and if that was not possible in that time- frame, Wren had to speak to court staff who would make arrangements for payment. 

Wren was then asked to surrender his licence to a court officer.

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