Libby’s going the extra mile

IN an attempt to feed her “addiction”, Orange runner Libby Burrell won’t be mucking around in tomorrow’s Colour City Running Festival half marathon.

While Burrell conceded she isn’t in the race to win it, she certainly has a competitive appetite worthy of a front runner.

“My main goal is not to be taken next door [to Orange hospital] halfway through,” she laughed.

“I want to finish in under two and a half hours. It won’t be anywhere near the leaders, but finishing is my goal.”

Burrell explained Sunday is the latest of “personal challenges” running has afforded her.

“It is all a new challenge for me,” she said.

“I honestly just got on the treadmill one day and thought I’d see what happened. Then I started running outside, when I first did a run around an oval I was buggered after one lap. It was only 400 metres.”

Burrell said after seeing steady improvement, she was hooked.

“I always hated running, I just didn’t see the point,” she said.

“But after I moved up to two laps of the oval, then three, then four it became addictive. The furthest I’ve run now is 19 kilometres. It is also a great way to think, for me. You’re by yourself in those distances and if you don’t learn to enjoy your own company all you think about is how much you want your legs to fall off.”

The half marathon is run over 21.1 kilometres, and Burrell said neither the extra distance or the reportedly “very quick” field is a deterrent.

“The extra two kilometres might tack an extra hour onto my time,” she laughed.

“It’s my newest challenge. I’ve never run this far and I want to see if I can do it.”

The half marathon, and the marathon, start at 6.30am at Bloomfield.

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