What's in a name? Too much for sign writers, apparently

MOST people from outside the central west can not pronounce Canowindra, but now it seems the state government can't spell it. 

With exasperated sighs, residents sound out "Kan-own-dra" as people pronounce the Aboriginal word meaning "a home" in all sorts of different ways, "Can-oh-windra" being one of the more common mispronunciations.

But this sign at the Toogong Road and Canowindra Road intersection has taken it a step further and managed to spell the town of 1,424 people incorrectly. 

Toogong resident Jan Harrison said the sign provided a good excuse to have a chuckle on the way to work and would not be worth the effort to fix it.

She said residents are glad they finally have a sign, whether it was spelled correctly or not.

"Before it was there there was only a sign saying Toogong Road, that's all we had, so it was great when we got the new signage" she said. 

Toogong residents know the road like the back of their hand and nobody knows how long it took before the error was noticed. 

"I think it was about 18 months ago that the signs were put up but it had been that way for months before anybody noticed it," she said.

"Then someone pointed it out and now it's a bit of folk history."

Mrs Harrison said she'd be quite content for the sign to remain with the spelling error but after the Central Western Daily contacted the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the government department said it would correct the mistake. 

"Roads and Maritime Services has ordered a new sign with the correct spelling of Canowindra which will be installed as soon as it can be provided from the supplier, within the next month, weather permitting," a spokesperson for the RMS said. 

The new sign will cost about $200 to replace and will be installed as part of routine maintenance.

The RMS did not explain how the mistake occurred nor would it confirm when the signage was erected.

Do you know of another street or road sign with a mistake? Send a photo of it to david.neil@fairfaxmedia.com.au and we'll publish it at centralwesterndaily.com.au

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