Boot and all effort from Maggie in Commando course

MAGGIE Steventon said she was the oldest and fattest person who took part in the Commando Boot Camp on Saturday morning but she lived to tell the tale.

Mrs Steventon is two months shy of her 60th birthday and is proud she did her best to keep up with some of the fittest people in Orange. 

“It was bloody hard, those burpees were awful,” she said. 
But the team spirit got her through and she said the class of 40 supported each other and it helped trainer Steve  “Commando” Willis, from The Biggest Loser reality television show, was “hot”. 

Integra Health and Fitness and Wellbeing Centre was packed with hundreds of people lining the verandah cheering the two classes of 40 along as the Commando yelled instructions to squat, jump, crawl and drag. 

The Commando said he was impressed by the community spirit from Orange and was equally impressed by the stamina of those who dared participate. 

“I have noticed a difference, people in Orange have done a great job of really embracing health and fitness,” he said. 


He said despite rumours Orange had been short-listed for The Biggest Loser town for this year’s season there would never have been a way to produce the series with a population of 40,000. 

“The production team would have to have been huge,” he said. “We would have taken over the town.”

He said he had heard little surrounding the controversy of the American Biggest Loser season where the winner, a 156 centimetre woman, lost 70 kilograms to weigh 47 kilograms, and that the US season was autonomous to the Australian season.

“Some things should be done in moderation and it really just depends on your level and where you’re at,” he said.

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